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10/31/1795 John Keats, the son of a livery-stable manager, was born in London on October 31, 1795

1804 Death of Keats father died. Mother remarried but marriage was broken soon after.

1810 Keat`s mother died of tuberculosis

1811 Keats was apprenticed to a surgeon-apothecary.

1814 His first poem, Lines in Imitation of Spenser, was written

1815 Moved to London and resumed his surgical studies as a student at Guy`s hospital.

1817 Poems, keat`s first book published

1818 Keats spent three months attending his brother Tom, who was seriously ill with tuberculosis. Tom died in December of the same year.

1820 the second volume of Keats poems was published

1821 Keats died in Rome at the age of 25. Keats told his friend Joseph Severn that he wanted on his grave just the line,
"Here lies one whose name was writ in water."




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